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Transport and Logistics

Dead Coalition have their own Logistics Corporation Dumbo Drop Inc. You can move your stuff between the following Hubs

For transport, just make a courier contract to the corporation Dumbo Drop Inc.. Conditions are as listed as follows.

Prices and Volume:

  • 22k m³ and less: 15M ISK
  • more than 22k m³: 700 ISK per m³
  • Maximum amount is 340k m³
  • Collateral up to 5B ISK
  • 5% of the collateral needs to be added to the reward.
  • Other destinations than the hubs: +275M ISK added to the reward.


  • Expiration: 2 weeks
  • Days to complete: 14 days
  • No containers. 200M ISK fined if you put containers in the contract.

You can also use the Freight Calculator to calculate contract rewards.

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