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Part II

February 7, 2019


The RHP alliance is cranking up the volume. In the last month 450 ships were bought and exported. All kinds of ships were among them, from T1 boats to Rorquals. Corporations and pilots have increased the GDP by 158%. Some of them are already very eager to have a look into the next monthly economical report from CCP. The alliance keeps up the expansion of the economy structure.


The amount of miners we find in the belts on a daily basis is rising to unbelievable proportions. At times we see up to more than 12 Rorquals destroying whole belts. The record pilot of this month had a continuous mining time of 8 hours 36 minutes. Those numbers are also reached because of our newly joined corporations and players. We wish them all a warm welcome to our alliance at this point.

In the background the spending power and business activity of the complete alliance is estimated to make up 40% of that of the whole coalition. This makes us an important player in the game of economy. But one should never forget that this never lasts uninterrupted, so be smart and manage to build up some reserves that will last for 2 to 3 months. As a side note it is very commendable to see how much help and time are invested into making our new members feel welcomed and getting them started.

PVP and Security

The security level for our civilian players improves a lot. More and more people invest some time and patience into being part of the defense concept and doing some PVP. It slowly becomes evident that a lot can be achieved by having good intel, information, and cooperation — despite having some cloaky pets continuously logged in and that one odd neut that dares to venture in our pocket constellation. The alliance killboard looks pretty satisfying. Hostiles slowly start to learn that miners do have some teeth as well. Stay on your toes!

o7 to all RHP pilots and friends.

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