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Part I. News from the North

January 23, 2019

It's time again to give everyone a little more insight and information about the state of affairs and future developments. It can neither be confirmed nor denied that the flow of information has been acquired by the bugs in Neo's Rorqual but the rumour that one of his implants has been hacked and bugged can be completely dismissed.


“How the hell am I supposed to move my stuff through Deklein and all those nasty bubbles?” he asked. It's one of these question that always pop up from time to time and still need an answer. So here we go. To tackle this time consuming issue the alliance plans to run an own Jump Freighter Service which would operate only within Deklein and – at least at the start – would be free of charge since the alliance would sponsor it. Further information about this will follow. This service will be improved later step by step by expanding it to a Jita ←→ Deklein service at better conditions than the existing services. Pilots associated in this venture would be plexed by the alliance and earn ISK. This will happen by subsidies by the alliance.

The Alliance and you.

New positions are filled – we want to ask everyone to stop using the term “work slaves”. For one Alex Murdok will start his training as Chief Recruiter of the alliance and furthermore take over the department of Internal Affairs for capsuleers and cooperation with the German community which includes advertising in channels, the forum, and Teamspeak. Congratulations!

For the other, Nessie, or Ienuvas (note the “I” in front, it's not an “L”), starts his training as Communication Officer and takes over the position of “Internal Affairs and Information” for the english community as translator and interpreter for all viable areas (diplomacy, corporations, capsuleers, recruitment). He is the person that works as interface between the english and the german community and respective affairs. On top of that he has been promoted as ES-3 writer for Neo and ReNo.

Both of them are directly subordinated to Neo and ReNo in those positions and have been instructed. They are both classified as ES-3.

Space Politics.

Oh god. That boring stuff. No. Keep reading. We know it's hard to understand in the beginning, but if you make it through, you will enter a world full of drama, intrigues, relationships, and so many things you never have heard of before. It's the stuff that has made EVE so great.

You probably have noticed that the North is a hot spot at the moment and undergoing a lot of changes. The enemy's plan to divide and manipulate the north has failed. At the moment the north is in the process of restructuring and rethinking in terms of politics and diplomacy. This will result in changes. The focus will be laid on holding a smaller territory. It has been proofed in the past that renters and overly huge alliances are not able to hold their territory anymore. In consequence, this has lead to the revelation that soldiers and civilians will have to collaborate more closely. The enemy will try to fight all these changes and that before we have consolidated us in the areas of industry, commerce, trading, mining, etc. On many areas things look way better as expected already and projected before, especially in the RHP. There are some kinks to work out here and there but the RHP alliance is respected well and gets help, recognition, protection, and friendship in Deklein and beyond.

Project K-2.

No, not that Himalayan mountain. The “K” refers to Keepstar. It is planned to put up another one in O-2RNZ. You will be given further information at the next alliance meeting.


Spai, Spai, Spai… It has come to our knowledge that enemies plan their next move and infiltrate us for gaining intelligence about our economical system and our political principles and deals, and to monitor the general situation in the North. All CEOs are hereby urgently asked to label their pilots with ES ranks in their corporation. Also, please be very cautious when it comes to recruitment. We consider the probability to catch a spy in the english community with 8 out of 10 candidates, and 2 out of 10 for the german community.

o7 — NeoSerenity Virpio

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