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This article describes possible solutions if problems with SeAT and the related platforms (Teamspeak, Discord) occur. Please try these solutions first before contacting Lawin Cwennich.

Problem: No roles in Discord, Teamspeak, SeAT
Solution 1: Check your Profile Settings for missing refresh tokens. Missing refresh tokens leads to all your roles getting dropped. Under Profiles check your roles in the User Account Panel. As line member you should see the alliance member roles and your specific corp roles. If roles are missing, check the status of your refresh tokens. There should be a green checkmark for every registered alt character.

If a red icon appears behind one of the characters it means that there's no valid refresh token available for that character. You need to login with that character into SeAT to provide a new token. Just changing the character is not enough. After you have done this you should regain all the roles you lost due to the missing token. You will have to wait several minutes for the update jobs to run and give you back your permissions on all services.

Problem: Even with correct setup my roles are not updated
Solution: Your main character is probably not set properly. Under Profiles choose your main character in the drop-down menu and then click Update below.

Problem: This did not help, I'm still missing roles
Solution: Another cause of trouble is the rare situation where characters are registered on SeAT but never had information pulled from ESI. This causes a ton of error exceptions in the background due to these missing information and you will not receive any permissions. You can see that by the fact that the respective character in the character list under Profiles is not linked (black font instead of blue). In this case you will need to login with that character into SeAT again.

Problem: Character information are outdated
Solution: You will need to trigger the update job manually. You can do this by logging out from SeAT and relogin. Alternatively you can update certain information individually. On your character sheets you can press the refresh button to refresh the information from ESI. After pressing the button and waiting for a second you need to reload the page.

Problem: No Teamspeak Roles and no access to channels despite having all roles
Solution: This can have multiple reasons. First is you are not logged in with your correct Teamspeak ID. In this case just repeat the Join Teamspeak procedure. Another reason is you are not in one of the groups Probation pilot or Full Member. In this case either join Probation pilot under Your Groups → Open SeAT Groups or apply for Full Member Pilot under Your Groups → Managed SeAT Groups (assuming you are an actual full member of the alliance). In the second case inform one of your corp directors to accept your application soon.

Problem: I can not see the Discord channels I am supposed to see because I do not get my roles. Everything else is fine.
Solution: When you join Discord, you have to absolutely make clear that you are logged in with your correct account. When you do the Discord authorization it is of absolute importance that you check for your correct account. Authorization is always done in the browser, and never in the Discord app. Also check that you do not create a new account by accident. You will need to login with your correct account in the browser and check for your correct account in the authorization process. If you do not have roles it always means that you are logged in with an account you did not complete the authorization with. Please be very thorough here as this has created a lot of trouble in the past.

General remark: If you have set up everything correctly, you need to wait for SeAT processing your permissions. These jobs run every 5 to 20 minutes approximately. If you have joined RHP very recently your corporation information need to get updated before you get your roles since these are based on affiliations. Patience is key.

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