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SeAT Registration and Setup

This article gives you instructions and tipps on how to log into the SeAT administration system of our alliance. This system helps the alliance administration to keep track of members regarding roles and rights for comms, and is also suitable for line members to manage their characters off the game.

First Login

When you enter the homepage, you will see the login screen that contains a login button for the EVE SSO system. Now click the login button and login your first character that you want to register. For practical reasons you should start with your character that you consider to be your main character. Don't worry, you will be able to change your main character later if you accidently chose the wrong character. Enter your EVE account credentials and confirm the required scopes for the SeAT application.

After authorizing the scopes you will be redirected to the SeAT frontpage. You now have successfully managed to register your first character in SeAT.

The SeAT Login Page
Login on the CCP homepage
Scope Authorization
SeAT Dashboard

Remarks: SeAT does not ask (ever) for your EVE account credentials. The login is provided by CCP and is performed on their very own homepage. SeAT then gets provided a token by CCP to query for data. The list of scopes appears to be very large. This is for providing the full user experience. No one but the administrator will ever be able to see data beyond his own ingame scope. The administrator is the only person that will perform API checks if required. This is for self-protection of the alliance.

Registering Alts

Now you will want to register your alt characters in SeAT. Open the personal menu by clicking on your avatar in the upper right corner and chose Link Character. You will be redirected to the EVE SSO Login. Login your next character and authorize the tokens as described before. If you're still logged in with your previous pilot, scroll down and chose Cancel instead of Authorize. Now login your next pilot.

Chose Link Character from this menu to register your alts.

Register on Comms

After you have registered all of your characters SeAT will detect your affiliations to the alliance and add you to the respective groups which gives you access to our comms. After receiving your roles and reloading the page to show the new menus that come with the respective permissions, you will find a menu Connector. In here you choose Identities. The page now shows two labels for Discord and Teamspeak.

Register on Discord

Just click on the small button Join Server on the Discord label. You will be redirected to the Discord login in your browser where you need to authorize your account to the server. Afterwards you'll join the server and will be granted the respective roles. Please make sure that you are logged in with your correct account in your browser. The account name you will register with is given on the authorization page under username authorization. After clicking on Authorize you will be redirected to SeAT.

Discord Authorization Window. Note the correct account name!

Register on Teamspeak

Join our → Teamspeak server first. A password is not required and the nickname does not matter at this point. Afterwards, click Join Server in the Teamspeak menu. A blue pop-up window will open telling you the Teamspeak URL and a random nickname.

This pop-up window will open after clicking on Join Server.

Now you need to rename yourself to the given random nickname on Teamspeak. This is necessary because SeAT will find your Teamspeak identity using this particular nickname. Do not close the pop-up window though! The best way to proceed is to copy the random nickname by marking and using Ctrl+C. On Teamspeak you can simply rename yourself by double-clicking your nickname in the channel list and then paste the random nickname you just copied by Ctrl + V.

This is what renaming yourself on TS should look like (TS Skin may differ)

After you have successfully renamed yourself, click the Confirm button in the blue pop-up window in SeAT. If you did everything as described, you should get your roles immediately. Afterwards you should rename yourself back to your main character or whatever you prefer to be called. Be aware that SeAT is granting you roles by your Teamspeak identity. If this identity changes (e.g., setting up a new PC), you need to reauthorize again with this new identity.

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