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This article introduces some basic rules to follow for getting along with each other in a nice and reasonable way. Our systems in Deklein are shared with DARKNESS. This means it is very important to act friendly and polite towards other coalition members. We have a lot of freedom in our space and can do a lot of things there. However, it is important to follow some basic rules to ensure life quality for all pilots.


  • All systems in Deklein that are under the sovereignty of DARKNESS are principally free to use for members of RHP.
  • We require pilots to stay within the pocket systems for security reasons.
  • We allow only experienced pilots to move to other than RHP home systems. → Home Systems

Standing Fleet

  • Line members should join the Deklein Standing Fleet. Unfortunately it is necessary to get invites from pilots with a character in DARKNESS since the standing fleet is opened for excellent standing only.
  • Non-established pilots (e.g., pilots on probation) must not be invited to the standing fleet. We need to avoid the slightest risk of awoxing. Every member who invites people to the standing fleet is responsible for his actions. He must know the pilots he is inviting to the fleet very well and vouch for him.
  • RHP pilots are not allowed to have fleet boss. If you get fleet boss from a leaving member, ask immediately in fleet channel and on respective Discord channels for a member to take the standing fleet. Ping @strat_fc on Discord.
  • Avoid to take squad command positions. Normally they are not needed and they increase the risk of becoming fleet boss if the current boss leaves, which should not happen.
  • If you go afk, leave the standing fleet and rejoin later.


  • Subcapitals may rat in every system under the sovereignty of DARKNESS.
  • Capitals may rat in every system under the sovereignty of DARKNESS. Capitals are most likely going to be saved if under heavy attack, since these ships are usually dying pretty fast.
  • Super Capitals are only allowed to rat in systems that are in jump range of rescue fleets.
  • Ratting channels are not mandatory to use, especially for super pilots due to the risk of awoxing.
  • Try to prefer systems with low ADM or low PVE activity.
  • Do not rat in E3UY-6 with supers and carriers since it is the staging system and thus does not allow to jump on your cyno. Also this means that there's increased hostile activity compared to other systems.


  • Principially, all belts are free for all pilots.
  • Rorqual pilots must not be unregistered on DARKNESS coalition services, since they need to be informed about status and be able to get in touch with DARKNESS FCs if they're engaged and need support. → Rorqual
  • ORE Belts should be cleared of Mercoxite first to enable everyone to finish these belts and let new belts spawn.
  • Do not cherrypick in ORE belts.
  • Ice belts are to be mined always from the edge, never from the center.
  • Do not cherrypick in ice belts, e.g. mine only the small chunks of valuable ice.
  • The ice belt rules apply in particular if you are not going to empty an ice belt completely.


  • Exploration is allowed in all Deklein systems that are under DARKNESS sovereignty.
  • There is a ingame channel for trading DED complex bookmarks: GOTG_Escalation.
  • Only buy DED complexes that are located in Deklein. Do not buy bookmarks that are located in a different region.
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