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Generally we recommend using Rorquals only if you have a satisfying level of knowledge of game mechanics and know what you are doing and how you are doing it. Since Rorquals belong to the top valuable assets in use we expect the pilot to be aware of the responsibility that comes with handling this kind of ship. Rorqual pilots are supposed to be registered on → Coalition Services to gain the necessary information from Discord channels.


The recommended fit is adapted from DARKNESS to be compatible with their homedefense doctrine. This does not necessarily mean that you can expect a DARKNESS homedefense fleet appearing on the field if you are engaged by hostiles.

[Rorqual, Dead Coalition Rorqual]

Damage Control II
[Empty Low slot]
[Empty Low slot]
[Empty Low slot]

Capital Capacitor Booster II, Navy Cap Booster 3200
Capital Capacitor Booster II, Navy Cap Booster 3200
EM Ward Field II
CONCORD Capital Shield Booster
Pith X-Type Shield Boost Amplifier
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II

Capital Remote Shield Booster I
Shield Command Burst II, Shield Harmonizing Charge
Pulse Activated Nexus Invulnerability Core
Cynosural Field Generator I
Industrial Core II
[Empty High slot]
[Empty High slot]
[Empty High slot]
Capital Drone Mining Augmentor II
Capital Drone Mining Augmentor II
[Empty Rig slot]

'Excavator' Mining Drone x5

Navy Cap Booster 3200 x200
'Wetu' Mobile Depot x1
Standard Blue Pill Booster x1

Industrial Core

The Tech II Industrial Core adds a significant increase to the shield repair bonus as well as to the mining yield, so you should be training for that as soon as possible. Until then, use the Tech I module .

Pulse Activated Nexus Invulnerability Core

You have to also train Invulnerability Core Operation to level 4 as soon as possible. This increases the PANIC module duration from 5 to 7 minutes giving the FC another precious two minutes to come and save you when you're unable to tank the incoming damage.

Low Slots

Here you have three options, or any combination of them:

  • Power Diagnostic Unit : More power grid, cap regeneration, and shield buffer. You may need one for power grid if you're going to fit neuts or smartbombs unless you use a 3%-4% implant for power grid.
  • Drone Damage Amplifier : Drop 1k DPS heavy drone bombs on hostiles if they get close and kill rats faster.

High Slots

The two main things that will assist you in your survivability are Large Smart Bombs killing drones that are on you, and heavy neuts for getting rid of tacklers. Also carry two Mining Foreman Boosts , so you can boost any subcaps assisting you while mining.


Two choices here, that we are leaving up to you:

Things to carry

  • Cap Boosters : Ensure you have at least 200 cap booster 3200. No need for the faction variant. They will improve your survivability.
  • Jump Fuel : Minimum 20k of Oxygen Isotops.
  • Cyno Fuel : At least 3 cycles worth of liquid ozone.
  • Drugs : Blue pill booster, at least 'Standard'. Don't forget to use it when you get dropped.
  • 'Wetu' Mobile Depot : Always deploy one when mining to get your Excavator Drones safe.

Bling modules

Although there is no requirement, you can modify your fit with faction and deadspace modules for about 500M ISK to improve your tank.

Checklist for approaching Neuts

Preparing Steps

  • Red cycle your Industrial Core. Stop boosting immediately to get rid of your weapon timer, or the next step will fail.
  • Put your 'Excavator' mining drones into your 'Wetu' mobile depot and double check that you have the correct fit. Make sure you are in the → Deklein Standing Fleet.
  • Log into Teamspeak if you don't already have → ts.deadcoalition.space
  • Leave your drones in the mobile depot, they will be safe there and you can go and pick them up later once the system is clear.
  • Once you are out of siege, only align to a citadel. At anytime during the align process a hostile appears on the grid immediately, jump to a cyno beacon. There are risks of jumping to a cyno beacon but certainly getting tackled vs. the possibility of getting tackled is the better way. If you want to be super safe, have an exit cyno on one of the available Keepstars in range.
  • Once you reach suitable speed, hit the warp button to get off grid.

Further Steps in case you're tackled

  • Try to remain calm.
  • Watch for Cynosural Inhibitors and light your cyno once you see one being anchored. Make sure to have all brackets shown in your overview.
  • Activate your three shield resistance modules, your Shield Command Burst and take your Blue Pill. Reactive your Industrial Core module. It gives you massive boost on shield tanking.
  • Ping @strat_fc in #deklein_rorqual or #coalition_intel on Discord as soon as possible. The sooner the response fleet starts forming the better are your chances for survival. Give all necessary information: Where are you tackled (system and which anomaly), who is tackling you (which alliance), which ships, how many ships, have you used your PANIC yet, etc.
  • Get a proper DScan using dscan.info. Add the link to your ping. Best workflow is to have this homepage bookmarked in your browser toolbar to access it easily.
  • If you are uncomfortable with the former two steps, speak up on Teamspeak in the respective channels and someone will help you out while you're tanking.
  • Make sure to have an asteroid locked to be able to use your PANIC module, when needed.
  • Keep tanking and pray to Bob (or the spaghetti monster, etc.) that help will come.

How to tank in a Rorqual

In case you missed it before: Have your Industrial Core running. If a fleet is serious about killing you, assume you will be under the pressure of heavy neuts. So the method of tanking is

  • Repair normally until you run out of capacitor.
  • Activate 1 cap booster loaded with a size 3200 charge.
  • Immediately activate your shield booster, hardeners, and command burst. If you're lucky with the neut timing, you will get the chance for a second cycle.
  • Try to use only one cap booster at a time as it will save boosters and one will cover the other during reload. If you need to use both due to heavy dps and neuts, try your best to offset them (i.e., one has 2 charges, the other 5 loaded, so one can reload charges while the other works).
  • When you get to 50%-40% shield again rinse and repeat. Do this until you run out of cap boosters or you cannot keep up with incoming dps and neuts. Don't forget to overheat if necessary.
  • If you are comfortable in keeping up with your tank, throw some drones out and try to kill some shit. Kill tacklers first, also bombers are a good choice to kill.
  • If you have smartbombs fitted make sure to turn them on for a few cycles every now and then to kill drones and scrubs orbiting you at 500m.
  • Use overheat as required to keep up with the damage.
  • At all stages keep the FC updated in comms with how you're tanking.

Tank doesn't hold

  • Lock up an asteroid if you haven't already.
  • Turn on your PANIC module and tell the FC immediately that you did.
  • Red cycle your Industrial Core module to be able to receive remote rep from FAX later that will hopefully jump on your cyno.
  • If no FAXes are there and your PANIC cycle has run out, start your Industrial Core again, overheat everything and prepare for the last minutes of your ship's existence.
  • Thank the FC and the people who attempted to help you, change your underwear, get a new Rorqual and continue mining.
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