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Moon Mining

Every fullmember or corporation has the possibility to rent a moon from Darkness for mining. Moons are sold by auction. They are divided into different classes by their content. The minimum bid for a moon depends on its class.

How to Rent a Moon

  • Send a request to Lawin Cwennich which moon you want to rent.
  • You will be told the minimum bid and if it's available.
  • If the auction is confirmed you will transfer the rent to the corporation of Respect Honor Passion [-RHP-]
  • Contract an Athanor , a Moon Drill , and Fuel to the corporation of Respect Honor Passion [-RHP-] .
  • The structure will be anchored as soon as possible, and control rights will be given to the respective entity (character or corporation) that is owning the moon.
  • Fitting additional rigs on the Athanor is fine. There's no need to fit weapons.
  • Moons shall be in the systems that are assigned to RHP.

Moon Mining Requests (Rental and Cancelling) need to be handed in by the 25th for the upcoming month in order to be able to process them in reasonable time.

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